高炉煤气余压透平发电装置(trt) -捕鱼游戏大全

trt is the waste energy recovery product promoted by chinese government. it utilizes the pressure energy of blast furnace top gas to make the gas expanded and to do work through the turbine, and drive generator to generate electricity energy. it does not consume any fuel, and can reduce environment pollution, and increase power for the enterprises. so trt is a very potential product for energy saving. the technology is important energy saving technology in iron and steel industry. at present, we have developed more than 10 models of gt series blast furnace top gas pressure recovery turbine generation units, including “one for two blast furnaces” and combined trt and axial compressor unit. installed capacity can be 3,000 kw to 36,000 kw, and they are applicable to all the blast furnaces within range of 380 m3 to 5,800 m3.
  • gt200型trt
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