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talent concept

everyone has talent, the key lies in the platform; use what they are good at, make the best of their talent; do not ask for everything, but ask for what they use.

the science and technology talent concept of science and technology is the criteria and guiding ideology for the selection, employment and training of science and technology, and is the fundamental guarantee for the sustainable development of science and technology.
talent strategy
keneng is a professional company engaged in industrial surplus energy industry under china aero engine group corporation. relying on the advantages of aero engine technology, it has long been committed to the development of energy-saving and environmental protection system equipment in high energy-consuming industries. the company has a professional team of talents from product research and development to manufacturing, installation, technical maintenance, engineering design and implementation, after-sales service and other links. at present, there are nearly 400 registered employees. it has 1 senior research engineer, enjoys the government subsidy of the state council and 1 avic chief technical expert, 2 avic engine secondary technical experts, 211 professional technical personnel and 119 technical personnel. since 2010, the company has established a "leadership", "innovation", and "performance" talent evaluation system. each year, special skills are evaluated and awards are given. and established a perfect science and technology innovation (technical papers, patents, scientific research projects) reward system. in order to stimulate employees' enthusiasm for innovation and effectiveness, broaden their career development channels, motivate employees to continuously improve their professional skills, and promote the establishment of a multi-path talent growth mechanism that separates seniors, families, and craftsmen, and has been praised by employees.
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